A downloadable game for Windows

You play as an adventurer in an unknown dungeon, trying to find an escape while fighting monsters along the way.



ARROW KEYS - Move around

Z - Attack


This game was made for My First Game Jam Summer 2019.

This game is for Windows only.

Install instructions

1. Extract zip files

2. Run application


TheDungeon.zip 13 MB


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It's a cool game! I liked the general aesthetic and the fact that you wanted to play a little homage to classic dungeon crawlers (I also like the fact that your weapon is a giant pickle). 

The mummy enemies were really hard to beat, their movement was too fast and unpredictable. The blob enemies were a good staple, because they were easy to figure out and beat. The little exploration element is also nice, seeing a preview of a future area from a small area. Really nice game! Good work.

Thank you for playing the game! :D

I'm still new to pixel art, so I'm glad you like the 'giant pickle' weapon even though its supposed to be an 'green energy sword' 

I guess I need to brush up more on pixel art-ing xD